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Osceola County Community Foundation Survey

Information and Link to survey

Osceola County Community Foundation Survey Information and Link

May 17, 2016


Over the next few months, the Osceola County Community Foundation will undertake a community needs assessment in Osceola County. This assessement is a collaborative effort of Fremont Area Community Foundation and their affiliate counties.  The assessment will seek to answer questions such as: what is it like to live in this community? What opportunities and challenges face us? What resources can we tap into to make our community a better place?


We are partnering with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE) and The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group, who will facilitate the assessment and provide advice and coaching to a regional leadership team assembled by the four foundations.


What is a community needs assessment?

A community assessment is basically a description of a community and its people. The purpose is to gather accurate information representative of the people in the community as well as to identify current situations and issues that need action. The data collected is intended to start a conversation about community needs and opportunities.


What are our goals?

· To gather information about each county to help local/regional leaders and residents see themselves and their communities based on facts, not opinions.

·  To launch local conversations about the issues and opportunities in our communities, ask deeper questions about what causes them, and identify strategies to address them.

·  To help leaders in each affiliate community foundation target their grantmaking and leadership on key local issues.

·  To identify areas of common concern between the four communities that can lead to community collaboration or even initiative work involving all four foundations.


How to complete the survey?

Complete a paper copy and return to the address indicated on the form or complete an online version of the survey at


What actually happens in this process?

CED and Aspen will create a community indicator report for each of the four counties using benchmark data from other similar foundations and communities. This report will provide data to get community conversations started. They will also develop a community survey that can be completed online or on paper. A full, analyzed report detailing the responses will be available once all surveys are complete.


Then what?

Our hope is to spark greater community interaction and involvement through this process. The results from the community needs assessment will help all four foundations better target their grantmaking and community leadership activities based on actual data and feedback from the community. It may also play a role in strategic planning.


When will this process be complete?

We plan to have all surveys and reports completed by September 2016.


Maria E. Gonzalez | Foundation Manager