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Dinosaur Eggs and Bones Found

Dino Adventure story and pictures from July 16, 2013 programs.
Dinosaur Eggs and Bones Found

We had a lot of little paleontologists join us for a "Dino Adventure" today! 

Our younger age group listened to Miss Jen read the humorous tale Edwina: The dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct by Mo Willems.  They followed that up with a dinosaur egg hunt.  The kids returned to the program room and broke their dinosaur egg to find the dinosaur inside and learn facts about their dinosaurs. 

The older kids learned facts about their favorite dinosaurs and followed with an archaeological dig of sorts.  Kids received their excavation kit, chipping away at blocks with their tools to reveal the bones of a certain dinosaur.  The kids ended the program a little dusty, but had a lot of fun!  Happy birthday to Miss Danielle and many thanks to all the kids that came to learn and have fun with us today!

 Dino adventure 1 web.jpg