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SRP Digs Digger Trucks

A story about the "Digger Trucks" summer reading programs held July 23, 2013.
SRP Digs Digger Trucks

Who loves digger vehicles? We do! We had a lot of fun at the Library with our "Digger Trucks" program today!  The Pre-school through 1st graders enjoyed a story about digger vehicles, "Digger Bingo" and were able to have a hands on experience with a Backhoe Digger!  Second through fifth graders watched a movie clip of digger trucks in action in an Ohio coal mine, did a "Digger Truck Puzzle Scavenger Hunt" and were also able to have their hands on experience with a real, working digger vehicle.

We want to give special thanks to Phelp's Heating & Plumbing for providing the Backhoe Digger for the hands on digger truck experience. We want to thank our new friend Kaden, from Phelp's Heating & Plumbing for providing us with the great information about the vehicle, letting the kids sit in it and honk the horn (they love making that noise! :) ) and all the other nice touches he took care of to make it a good experience for the kids.

Thanks also go to the Osceola County Board of Commissioners for allowing the Library to use the lot at the corner of Franklin and Sears to have a digger vehicle on site.

We have a great Community!  Thank you for joining us for and supporting the Reed City Public Library's summer reading program!

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