Reed City Area District Library

Animal Science

Tuesday, July 29th-"Animal Science" featuring "Card Wildlife" with presenter, Professor Joe Lipar
Animal Science

-Did you know that there is an African antelope the size of a medium dog that has fangs?
-Did you know that ducks and geese mate for life?
-Did you know that otters live right here in Michigan and are very playful creatures?

These are just some of the facts that children learned at this Tuesday's "Animal Science" program!

The Library received a special visit from the Card Wildlife Center (Ferris State University) this past Tuesday. Professor Joe Lipar was able to tell children about animal habitats, biology and the idiosyncrasies of certain animals that make them interesting specimens.  Children were able to see real taxidermy animals, which included otters, foxes an African antelope and more!

Thank you to all the children who attended the event and special thanks to Professor Joe Lipar and the Card Wildlife Center of Ferris State University for sharing resources to make this learning opportunity possible.

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