Reed City Area District Library

Tasty Moon

Tuesday, July 22, 2014="Phases of the Moon"
Tasty Moon

Kids were in for a treat today when learning about the phases of the moon (literally)!  Library Staff, Ms. Amy Shank, taught children about phases of the moon and even incorporated Oreo style cookies into the instruction.

In the morning session, pre-schoolers to first graders read several stories about the moon, were able to see a demonstration of how the moon goes around the earth and made their own book about the moon, reinforcing what they learned.  They even enjoyed a couple sweet treats to boot!

Second to sixth graders explored diagrams of moon phases and saw a lighted demonstration of how the moon revolves around the Earth!  These older children made a slightly modified book featuring phases of the moon and sculpted the center of Oreo style cookies into the various phases of the moon.  This learning exercise was enjoyable in more than one way as the children were able to enjoy their sweet creations as well!

Thank you to all the kids and parents who attended today's program.  We had a lot of fun as well!

2014SRPMoonPhase web.png  2014SRPMoonPhase2 web.png   

2014SRPMoonPhase4-1 web.png  2014SRPMoonPhase3 web.png  2014SRPMoonPhase5 web.png