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July 14, 2015 The Hero in You

July 14, 2015 The Hero in You
Protect each other against bullying

July 14, 2015 Tuesday Program, "The Hero in You"


The theme for this Tuesday program was "The Hero in You."  Children were encouraged to think of their strengths and explored the topic of bullying.  


Pre-school to first graders began their program with Miss Jen reading Elliot Jones, midnight superhero by Anne Cottringer.  The children watched a short animated clip about being a hero and were then challenged to list the many ways they can be superheroes and help one another.  They ended the program by making made a combination of wrist cuffs and headband and/or a shield to encourage them to think of themselves as a heroes.  They also made cards for a local superhero soldier, who is serving overseas on our behalf!


Second to sixth graders read Stand up by David Stefanich.  The book about bullying with an abrupt ending left children to think about the best resolution for that bullying situation.  Discussion of bullying and possible reactions followed. The older children also made colorful hand craft projects in which they identified "go to" people in their lives in the event of their own bullying situation or if a friend was being bullied.  This group also made cards for our local superhero soldier!


The kids had a great time while learning how to be a helpful person and know what to do in the event of bullying!


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