Reed City Area District Library

July 28, 2015 Be a Recycling Hero

July 28, 2015 Be a Recycling Hero
Reuse, Regenerate and Recycle

July 28, 2015 Tuesday Program-"Be a Recycling Hero"


Miss Julie and Miss Kathie instructed both the pre-school to first graders and second through sixth graders on just what it takes to be a recycling hero.  The younger kids were treated to a story by Miss Ava that introduced recycling concepts and Miss Kathie provided a lot of useful information for the children to digest. Children learned how recycling and composting can even create new soil! Children learned about reusing, regenerating and recycling and to reinforce some of the learning, designed a gardening pot and planted a sunflower seed.


Thank you to our volunteer superheroes of the day, Miss Ava and Miss Kathie!