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July 7, 2015 Power of Flight

July 7, 2015 Power of Flight
People can fly

July 7, 2015 Summer Reading Program Tuesday program-"Power of Flight"


Have you ever wished you had a super power?  What would it be?


The children attending this summer reading program learned people do have the super power of flight!


Pre-school to first graders learned how people can fly in hot air balloons and how they work!  The program started with reading Curious George and the hot air balloon ride by Margret & H.A. Rey, learning about Curious George and his adventures in a wayward hot air balloon!  Children were shown the parts of a hot air balloon and were told about how it worked, which was again demonstrated in an experiment.  Children then played a hot air balloon board game and then completed "I can soar by...." cloud craft.  In completing the craft, children expressed a variety of abilities including saying their alphabet, writing their names and scaring their parents, amongst many other talents!


Second to sixth graders were treated to a special guest visit from Mick Lafferty, Roben Hood Airport, Big Rapids.  This former professor blew our minds with a number of facts about flying and famous pilots.  We all know about Amelia Earhart, but we learned there are many famous female pilots we might not have heard of including Jacqueline Cochran, the first female breaking the sound barrier and she also broke more distance, altitude and speed records than any other pilot!  We also learned the parts of an airplane and all children attending this event received a very special surprise!


Special thanks for this Tuesday program go to Mick Lafferty of Roben Hood Airport, Big Rapids!  


Power of Flight