Reed City Area District Library

How Animals Move

Week Three: July 12, 2016 SRP event.
How Animals Move
White Squirrel

Squirrels, tarantulas and monkeys???, Oh My!


Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo visited the Library to talk about the quirky ways animals move!  Children were treated to a number of special live animal guests, exotic and domestic, including an exotic white squirrel, a tarantula, a hedgehog, a legless lizard and more! The children learned interesting facts about an animal and Mr. Kirk walked the animals around so the children could see them up close.  


Special thanks to Claudi and Kirk Elya of Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo for this memorable learning experience!  If you would like to know more about Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo, please visit whispering pines mobile zoo's web site.

White Squirrel crowd pic     White Squirrel pic      crowd pic