Reed City Area District Library

Solar System in Motion

Week Two: July 5, 2016 SRP event.
Solar System in Motion
Star Lab

Look, it's the Big Dipper!


Children were treated to an amazing sight inside the Star Lab. Mr. B talked about what astronauts do in space to stay fit and healthy and some new hopes for the space program in the future. We went on a trip around the solar system visiting all the planets-Yes, even Pluto! Next up were the stars and learning the constellations that they make up and some fun stories about them. Mr. B told the kids how you can look at the moon with a simple pair of binoculars instead of a telescope, making it easy for anyone to be an astronomer! But never, ever, never look at the sun through a telescope or binoculars!!!


Special thanks to Mr. B from Dynamic School Assemblies for this great program.  We learned a lot!

Star Lab pic