Reed City Area District Library

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Donor & Grantor Recognition

Thank you! Your support of the Reed City Area District Library Renovation / Debt Reduction Project is G-r-e-a-t-l-y appreciated!

Grants sign

Great Lakes Energy People Fund
      Electrical Grant - $4,000
      Shingles Grant - $4,000
      Shades Grant - $4,766.79

Osceola County Community Foundation (OCCF)
      Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grant - $10,000
      Bathrooms Grant - $14,000
      Cabinets and Appliances Grant - $15,187

TransCanada Corporation
      Reed City Area District Library Renovation Project - $3,500

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development
      Matching Funds - Equipment Grant - $7,500


Materials Matter sign

Tubelite Inc.
      Aluminum for Doors and Windows - $8,025


Thank you donors

Benefactor ($10,000 plus)
     Steve and Mary Anderson
     Anonymous Donor 2016
     Anonymous Donor 2015

Patron (5,000 – 9,999.99)
     Anonymous Donor 2014
     Anonymous Donor 2014
     Anonymous Donor 2016
     Ayco Charitable Foundation
     Marco and Kathy Menezes
     Phil and Maureen Watson and Family

Friend (2,500 – 4,999.99)
     Reed City Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

 Page Turner (2,000 – 2,499.99)

     Winona C. Lincoln Trust
     Harley and Betty Vanderhoof
     Daisy Bazzett Memorial 2013
          Timothy and Treva Bazzett
          Bernard and Mary Bazzett
          Duane and Marilyn Bazzett
          Wendy and Gary Bazzett
          Tim Bazzett Artworks Honorarium
          Mark and Carrie Buss
          Residential Contractor
          Diannes Hairdressing
          G.A. and D.R. Collison
          Rosemarie Darmofall
          Terry and Lorraine Dolley
          Susan Warwick and Douglas Call
          Norma and Robert Dutmers
          Thomas and Margo Eichenberg
          Thomas and Susan Fabus
          Laura and Rodney Jordan
          Shirley and William Latin
          Donald and Donna Lystra
          Corinne E. Mida
          James and Mary Murnik
          Mary and Gilbert Nadeau
          Carol and Stanley Pasieka
          Mable Porteous
          Maureen and Christopher Potter
          John and Brenda Rohe
          Albert and Joan Rohe
          Mary and Michael Ryan
          Ramona Seath-Lubke
          Gerald and Cecile Slywka
          Steven and Jennie Stange
          Bonnie Stanton
          Sara Beth Stratton-Rost
          Daniel and Dolores Whalen
          Carl and Betty Yost
          Lillian and Richard Zimmer

Supporter (1,000 – 1,999.99)
     David Bisbee
     Emerson M. Brown
     Reed City General Federation of Women's Clubs
     Rich and Susan Saladin
     Charles and Barbara Schneider
     Clare and Janice Snyder
     Teresa Weiss
     Brian and Karen Zais
     Diane Thompson Memorial 2013
          Jim and Donna Brown
          Reed City General Federation of Women’s Clubs
          L and G Fitness Inc
          General Federation of Women’s Clubs NW District 6
          Christine and Steve Cox
          Thomas Crampton
          Betty Mae Dulebohn
          Joyce Iltis
          Nancy Roe Ingram
          Elizabeth Klajda
          James and Denise Lerg
          Michael and Cathy Meagher
          Mark and Carol Mogan
          Ruth and Burton Northon
          Sally Plummer
          Christine Varvatos and R. Eugene Rinehart, Jr.
          Jan Ransom
          Nancy Smock
          Marlin and Cindy Stroop
          Lori Thompson Sweet
          Alan and Teresa Thompson
          John and Joan Williams
          Brian and Karen Zais

Bookworm (500 – 999.99)
     Steve and Christine Cox
     Robert and Sandy Duke
     Marilyn Hummel
     Charles and Wanita Kampmueller
     William and Janet Kiehl 
     Dennis and Judy Marrinan
     Bette Newell
     Judy Schoettle and Kay Carson
     Robbie Svegel
     Diane Thompson
     Gretchen Crawford Memorial 2013
          Aim Construction, Inc.
          Kristin and Paul Clemmensen
          Stacy and Derek Clemmensen
          Rae Hensel
          Susan Hodde
          Steve and Betty Hogue
          Dalton and Betty Hogue
          Lois and Roger Horchner
          Elaine Nelson
          Charles and Nancy Proper
          David and Betsy Randall
          Marilyn Robinson
     Sherry Kirch Memorial 2013
          Bonnie Boettger
          Quaker's Achres Bridge Club
          Mario and Susan Casadecalvo
          Sherrill and Mary Kay Hodson
          Keith and Nancy Houston
          Lois and Ronald Ingraham
          Dolores Jorgensen
          Betty Kirch
          Gloria Kirch
          Nelda Sue McCrocklin
          Gordon and Lois Nickels
          Kathy Previ
          Deborah and Thomas Puhl
          Gerald and Cecile Slywka

 Reader (up to – 499.99)
     Frank Balowski
     Linda Becker
     Davene and Sherman Campbell
     Cargill Salt
     David Caspers
     Liberty Baptist Church Vacation Bible School
     Citizens for the District Library
     Darley Clevenger
     Allan and Sharyn Coats
     Richard and Carol Cooper
     Thomas and Nancy Cox
     Ralph and Katherine Crew
     Crew and Boss Associates
     Crossroads Chevrolet
     Bruce and Donna Coppick
     Bonnie Danzeisen
     Dental Health Care Reed City
     James and Marlene Fierens
     Edward Gabert
     Layla and Mom Rebecca Garvon
     Terence and Holly Gerber
     Dennis and Linda Greene
     Robert and Janet Heil
     Dawn Hilliard
     Hometown Reality
     Ken and Irene Kasbohm
     William and Janet Kiehl
     Carol Killingbeck
     Charlotte Kirch
     Sherry Kirch
     John and Jane Kundel, Jr.
     Rick and Charmaine Lucas
     Dorothy and Joseph Marsh
     Douglas and Barbara Miller
     Municipal Underwriter's of Michigan
     Dr. Roger and Margaret Peterson
     Sarah Potts
     Arthur and Mary Lou Proefrock
     Linda Proefrock
     Romayne and Helen Radtke
     Reed City High School Class of 1954
     Reed City High School Class of 1956
     Reed City High School Class of 1960
     Reed City High School Class of 1963
     Reed City High School Class of 1965
     Reed City Moose Lodge 705
     Reed City Women of the Moose Chapter 2305
     River Valley Car Club
     Marilyn Robinson
     Yvonne Seiter
     Lorraine Schneider
     The Schoettle Family
     Judy Schoettle
     Evlyne Sheltrown
     Shaklee Products
     Gerald and Cecile Slywka
     James and Lola Thompson
     James B and Sheri A Thompson
     Tyler Thompson
     Blair and Emily Whiteman
     John and Joan Williams
     Judy Battle Memorial 2013
          Reed City High School Class of 1960
          Douglas Call
          David and Betsy Randall
          Fred Roberts
     Harlan Cole Memorial 2015
          Joyce and Paul MacKey
          Karen Webb         
     Frances Haney Memorial 2013
          Donna Hall and Family
          Howard and Ellen Allen
          Barb and Bill Bishop 

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Thank you for your support!

Volunteers matter

Volunteer (priceless) 
     Deb Adsmond    
     David Bearss
     Peggy Bearss
     Edie Betzing
     Twila Betzing
     Tom Burnosky 
     Christine Cox
     Steve Cox
     Zack Cox
     Mary Neal
     Bette Newell
     Keith Newell
     Phil Noreen
     Maureen Watson
     Phil Watson