Reed City Area District Library

42 Miles Walked

2014 New Year, New You: Library Walk results
42 Miles Walked
The New Year, New You:  Library Walk event held on Thursday, January 23, 2014 to raise money and awareness for the New Library Project went well.  We had 11 sponsored walkers (20 who joined us the night of the event) who walked a total of 294 laps (roughly 42 miles)! 

Walkers who shared their age ranged from 10 to 91 years old. We had more people complete a lap card than in previous years (25 laps completed) and a lot of the conversation of the evening seemed to focus on fitness and exercise. 

It was a great fundraiser for the Library as the cost to offer this event is low and it is just a lot of fun!  $855 was generated as of the night of the event and we are accepting donations for this event through January 30, 2014.  A few walkers still had pledges to collect before dropping off their envelopes at the Library so I think it is reasonable to say that we will probably at least meet our goal of $1,000.

Special thanks goes to the Reed City High School for allowing us to walk their hallways and many thanks to all the walkers that joined us for a night of fitness and fun in support of the New Library Project.
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