Reed City Area District Library

Adopt a "Books for Soldiers" Box suspended until September.

Learn how to adopt a box of books to mail to an active United States soldier.
Adopt a "Books for Soldiers" Box suspended until September.
Due to technical difficulties the Library will not be shipping any "Books for Soldiers" boxes over the summer.  We will begin shipping boxes again in September.  Thank you for your interest.

The Library prepares 2 boxes each month to be "adopted" by patrons to ship to troops overseas through, a 501 (c) (3) registered charity.  The books and magazines that are shipped are taken from the Library's book sale stock or items deleted from the Library's collections. There are 3 easy steps to follow if a patron would like to "adopt" a box to ship:

1).  Check with library staff to see if a box is available to "adopt."
2).  Complete a brief Sponsorship Application *Indicate on the application if you would like to include a thank you note, which you would need to deliver to the Library within 1 week of completing the application.
3).  Donate $ 14.85 to sponsor postage for "adopted" box.
*Please inquire at the Library for a list of other items that you could purchase to be included in the boxes.