Reed City Area District Library

Forensics: Fingerprints...Fun!

July 8, 2014 Summer Reading Program Event at the Reed City Area District Library.
Forensics: Fingerprints...Fun!
The theme for today was Forensics: "Fingerprints."  Sgt. Chris Lockhart, Osceola County Sheriff's Dept., joined us today to instruct children on the science of fingerprints and also touched upon important topics such as stranger danger.  Children were able to learn about the different types of fingerprints, how to lift them, how they are processed and left with a few goodies to boot! 
We appreciated our Junior CSI Agents joining us for a day of fun and special thanks go to Sgt. Lockhart for providing excellent educational instruction summer reading program participants!

8Jul2014 finger print croud web.png    8Jul2014 finger print close web.png  

8Jul2014 finger print kids web.png