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Personal Safety Presentation

Troop White of Michigan State Police Presented
Personal Safety Presentation
Trooper Michael White

Trooper Michael White of the Michigan State Police visited the Reed City Area on Thursday, March 10th to present on the important topic of Personal Safety. He informed attendees as to the very real risks that exist regarding personal safety, how to preserve their personal safety and relayed some actual instances in which the personal safety of an individual was jeopardized and in those cases, the actions which made all the difference to their well-being.


If there was a theme to the evening, it seemed to be awareness.  Trooper White instructed to always "keep your head on a pivot" and for people to always stay alert and aware of their surroundings and also to pay attention to people's behavior.  There were many specific strategies discussed within the theme of awareness and he seemed to have the complete attention of the group he presented to.  There were more questions than there was time following this presentation and several who attended indicated they would like to invite Trooper White to present this topic to an organization they belonged to.


Many thanks to Trooper White for taking the time out of his busy schedule to present in our Community on the topic of Personal Safety!

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