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Rassoul shared European travel pictures and tips

1/13/15-Author Talk-I slept in a pineapple by Randy Rassoul
Rassoul shared European travel pictures and tips
Local author and Marion resident, Randy Rassoul, joined us last night for a book talk and signing for her recent publication, I slept in a pineapple: a guide to historic vacation rentals in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  This discussion was the perfect winter weather escape for those interested in travel!  Randy shared her rental experiences and great color slides of some of her favorite destinations. She was also able to offer a lot of helpful insights for European travel.  A few of Randy's tips included the following:
-Renting a room in a castle, cottage or other historic inn is often less expensive or comparable pricing to a hotel stay
-Consider renting a car as a lot of historic locales are in remote locations (be sure to check in advance on the upper age limit for driving as in some locales it is 70 years of age!)
-Stock your kitchenette according to your destination.  In some smaller villages and remote locations, or on certain days, you may not have access to groceries.  You want to know your shopping plan in advance!
For more tips, maps and more, stop in the Library and check out our copy of I slept in a pineapple!
Special thanks to Bette N. for providing authentic UK fare!  The scones and tea were delicious!
Thanks to Randy Rassoul and her husband, Jack, for braving the cold and enabling us to host this great event!  Thanks for inspiring us to dream and scheme Randy!

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